Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The first in the world

The first batsman to score three test centuries in three successive tests on debut--Mohd. Azharuddin

The first city on which the atom bomb was dropped--Hiroshima (Japan)

The first country to commence competitive examination in civil services--China

The first country to host NAM summit--Belgrade (Yugoslavia)

The first country to host the modern Olympics--Greece

The first country to issue paper currency--China

The first country to launch artificial satellite in the space--Russia

The first country to prepare a constitution--U.S.A

The first country to print book--China

The first country to send man to the moon--U.S.A

The first country to win football World cup--Uruguay

The first European to attack India--Alexander the great

The first European to reach China--Marco Polo

The first Governor General of Pakistan--Mohd. Ali Jinnah

The first Governor General of the United Nations--Trigveli (Norway)

The first man to fly into space--Yuri Gagarin (Russia)

The first man to have climbed Mount Everest twice--Nawang Gombu

The first Muslim Prime Minister of a country--Benazir Bhutto (Pakistan)

The first person to fly aeroplane--Wright Brothers

The first person to land on the moon--Neil Armstrong (followed by Edwin E. Aldrin)

The first person to reach Mount Everest--Sherpa Tenzing, Edmund Hillary

The first person to reach North Pole--Robert Peary

The first person to reach South Pole--Amundsen

The first person to sail round the world--Magellan

The first President of the U.S.A--George Washington

The first Prime Minister of Britain--Robert Walpole

The first shuttle to go in space--Columbia

The first spacecraft to reach on Mars--Viking-I

The first U.S. President to resign Presidency--Richard Nixon

The first woman cosmonaut of the world--Velentina Tereshkova (Russia)

The first woman President of the U.N. General Assembly--Vijaya Lakshmi Pandit

The first woman Prime Minister of a country--Mrs. Sirimavo Bandaranaike (Sri Lanka)

The first woman Prime Minister of England--Margaret Thatcher

The first woman to climb Mount Everest--Mrs. Junko Tabei (Japan)


akademikata said...

wah.. semua the first. How it feel to be the first ya..?

Jason Brown said...

nice post, very good tips!!!