Monday, February 14, 2011

Cooking tips

·        Add a little sugar while making gravy for more taste.

·        Add potatoes or roasted rice powder in curries etc to bring down the extra salty taste, if salt is added more mistakenly.

·        Always sieve any flour before using. This prevents separation of impurities and lumps.

·        Always use thick bottomed vessels to make desserts to avoid burning.

·        Coarsely ground red chili powder gives good taste.

·        Cover the containers when cooking in a cooker to avoid spillover.

·        For crispy dosas, add some fenugreek seeds while soaking rice.

·        If curd turns too sour, add some water, wait for some time and drain out the excess water.

·        Keep boiled eggs in cold water for some time to remove the shell easily.

·        Never overload a pressure cooker. This is a safety precaution.

·        Peel vegetable skin as thin as possible to preserve the minerals and vitamins.

·        Preserve coriander leaves in refrigerator, wrapped in a thin cloth to keep fresh for long time.

·        Re- use vegetable boiled water wisely.

·        Remove the stems of green chilies while storing to keep fresh for long.

·        Store chili paste, garlic paste, and onion paste in freezer for ready use.

·        To keep pressure cooker free from getting dark inside, pour some water in it, add some lemon peel and pressure cook for a while.

·        To remove the skin of almonds easily, soak them in hot water for some times.

·        Use full cream milk while preparing desserts to obtain thick creamy texture.

·        Use tomato puree when fresh tomatoes are costly.

·        Wash vegetables before peeling to avoid loss of water soluble vitamins.

·        Wrap the fruits and vegetables in paper before refrigerating to keep them fresh for long.