Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Save gas (gasoline, petrol, the fuel)

  • Small cars designed with fuel saving technology consume less fuel.
  • The lesser the luggage the lesser will be the fuel consumption.
  • Pool your car wherever practicable.
  • Travel by bus if feasible.
  • Avoid using automobiles for short distances.
  • Effectively plan and combine purchases and activities.
  • Go to the farthest place of business first followed by others while returning to avoid repeated starting of engine in cold condition.
  • Maintain required tyre pressure.
  • Maintain uniform and economic speed as far as possible using appropriate gear.
  • Accelerate and retardate slow in general.
  • Avoid abrupt braking.
  • Anticipate traffic conditions. Don’t drive very close to the leading vehicle. Maintain safe distance so as to avoid unnecessary braking and acceleration according to manner of driving of the vehicle in front of you under heavy traffic conditions.
  • Don’t idle too much.
  • Whenever possible, turn off A/C and open the air vents.
  • Select good road.
  • Let the periodic servicing be done without fail.

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VaRuN BiRtHiRe said...

yes indeed, time has arrised 2 make some serious action for preventing natural energy sources...........

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