Sunday, February 15, 2009

Incline sit-up for flat stomach

This exercise is useful to reduce belly (to lose belly fat), love handles and to have flat stomach.
Incline sit-up is a good exercise to train upper and lower abdominals.If incline sit-up bench is not available at the workout place, we can raise the height of a normal bench in one side and use. Some one can hold the legs of the person exercising in this case.

The exercise:

  • Adjust the inclination of the board / bench according to your convenience.
  • Sit on the sit-up bench, hook your feet under the foot pads and lie down with your feet at higher level than your head.
  • Just touch both the ears by both the palms or cross the arms on the chest or place the hands on the hip.
  • Start moving the upper body and bring close to vertical level.
  • Slowly lower the upper body, keeping the back round and inhaling at the same time.
  • The upper part of the back should not touch the bench.
  • The downward motion should be a little slower than that of the upper.
  • Now move up again and exhale at the same time.
  • Repeat conveniently.

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