Sunday, October 30, 2011

Vastu Tips and Vastu Remedies

Vastu tips for house
·         Plots facing the East are good for philosophers, professors, scholars, teachers, and priests.
·         Plots facing the West help the people who support the society.
·         Plots facing the North are good for administrators.
·         Plots facing south are good for the business men and women.
·         Let your house allow bright light to enter.
·         Don’t set television in the bedroom.
·         Keep the corners bright
·         Your house dining hall must not be at the entrance of the house
·         Don’t keep a mirror in the kitchen
·         Don’t keep brooms in the kitchen
·         Keep the doors of your bathroom generally closed.
·         Keep an aquarium in the southeast corner of living area
·         Let your house has air circulation and water source
·         Keep your kitchen is in the south-east corner
·         Cook the food facing the East.
·         Keep your master bedroom on Southwest direction
·         Sleep by keeping your head towards South.
·         Let your bedroom be rectangular or square.
·         Locate the bathroom in the eastern part of the house.
·         Let there be no cemetery, tomb, or graveyard lie close to the plot.

Vastu tips for Office
·         Seat arrangement for high officials like managers, executives, and directors must be made in south, west, or southwestern direction of the office premises.
·         Keep the accounts department in southeast direction.
·         Keep the reception in the northeastern direction.
·         Keep the employees facing the North or the East direction.
·         Let the middle of the office be kept vacant.
·         Let the table of MD be rectangular.
·         Keep the store room on the Northwest and the Southeast.
·         Keep the marketing department in the Northwest direction.
·         Set a water fountain in the Northeast of the office premises.

Don’t worry much. If the house or office has already been constructed, slightly modify without spending more money.  

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