Friday, March 15, 2013

General Duties of Security Guard

Dos and Don’ts:
  • The Guard is responsible to Security Officer or Assistant Security Officer as the case may be while on duty. He will be in proper uniform and in proper turn out. He will:-
  • Remain on duty as specified.
  • Not sleep while on duty.
  • Open and close the doors for entry and exit of staff/visitors on instructions from Control Room after identifying.
  • Have thorough knowledge of frisking procedure to carryout search on all who enter and leave the area you are guarding.
  • Ensure registering of entries by all visitors irrespective of status or appointment.
  • Hold visitors politely in ‘Reception Area’ till cleared by security Officer for further action.
  • Carry loaded weapon in ‘sling arm’ position and be responsible for their safe custody. Treat the weapon as part of body.
  • Never leave the arms (gun/rifle/revolver/pistol) and ammunitions unattended.
  • Senior Guard to takeover duties of Security Officer, in his absence.    
  • Be healthy, punctual, alert, vigilant and enthusiastic.
  • Handover and takeover the duty with thorough briefing as to what has happened, what is in progress during the tenure of his duty, including passing of new orders, instructions and messages if any, related to guards.
  • Be aware of all security gadgets and report any un-serviceability and untoward incidents.
  • Ensure the gates and doors are locked except when needed.
  • Report any unexpected situation.
  • Load and unload gun with great care.
  • Keep updated your self about functional processes and procedures.
  • Ensure that the premises are secured both during and after business hours.
  • Carry a torch while on night duty.                                                                                                                       
  • Keep a list of important telephone numbers.
  • Be aware of the actions to be taken in case of emergencies.
  • Draw the attention of others in the vicinity in case of breech of security or in case of any untoward incidents with or without the help of whistle.
  • Report any breaches of security immediately.
  • Ensure proper key management.
  • Ensure availability of ‘First Aid Box’ and its contents. Have knowledge of the effective use of medicines.
  • Be aware of the operating procedure of fire extinguishers.
  • Secure the belongings of the authorised visitors and return the same while leaving.
  • Never be intoxicated.
  • Never smoke.
  • Never compromise security.
  • Never get attracted with distracting materials like newspaper, radio, music system or T.V while on duty.   
  • Never allow any person to carry anything in and out without valid authority.
  • Ensure the switching on/off of the standby power supply system as per requirement.
  • Go for firing practice periodically.
  • Maintain weapons. Keep guns in serviceable condition.
Duties of unarmed guard, gatekeeper, watchman, sentry, patrolling guard or sentinel may be worked out based on requirements.

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