Friday, May 10, 2013

Tips to save properties from Thieves

Prevention of Theft

We must be careful to protect our belongings from thieves. We will discuss all the possible methods of prevention in this blog. I’ll keep posting regularly under different subheads.

Doors and Windows

  • Keep the main door closed even in daytime. Provide it with a peephole.
  • Fix a metal grill or collapsible gate outside the main door, which will provide visibility without exposing threats.
  • Install magic eye and safety chains on doors. Look through the magic eye and ensure the door chain is secure, before opening the door to a stranger.
  • Ensure that the window grills are not screwed into the frames, but embedded in the cement work.
  • Whenever you move into a new house, change the locks of doors.
  • Provide additional grills outside of ventilators and fittings of air-conditioners.
  • Sleep away from open windows to avoid loss of property through 'window snatching'.
  • Do not keep valuables, purses, mobile phones, and wristwatches openly visible from outside. If possible fix mosquito nets, fly proofing nets, etc.
  • Fix Electronic burglar alarms with telephone for warning.
  • Inform your neighbours about your absence from your home for a long or short period.
  • Don't keep keys in places like under the door mat, flower pot, etc. It will allow access to strangers.
  • Don't allow any stranger to enter your house, when you are alone without finding out his identity. Always authenticate. Always identify a visitor before opening the door. Never allow young children to open the door to visitors.
  • Beware of persons coming to your house under the pretext of repairing/selling things, conducting electrical or water meter readings etc.
  • Do not express that you are on holiday or away.
  • Don't keep huge amount of cash and ornaments in the house; Use Bank lockers.
  • Don't disturb the scene, if you notice theft in your house, wait for the arrival of police otherwise it will lead to tampering of evidence like fingerprints, footprints etc.

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