Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Thieves steal by diverting attention

Attention Diversion:

Some one withdrew large amount from bank and kept the cash bag with him in his car. At traffic signal a stranger told him that his car’s rear tyre was found deflated. He came out leaving the cash bag in his car, checked and found the tyre was alright. Meanwhile, another person stole the cash bag from the car and fled away. Don’t alight from vehicle immediately after you are told some problem in the car.

Someone will divert your attention by throwing small currency notes on the floor and will ask you whether they belong to you. Don’t get your attention diverted if you have valuables with you.

Whenever you withdraw huge amount from bank, take someone with you.

Someone will approach you with a story that one of his relatives is admitted to hospital and he is likely to get money from someone. He will say that he is in need of a bank account number to get the money. He will request your bank account number.  This is only a start. Later you will lose your deposited money. Don’t get cheated.

If you stop your car and leave unattended for some times, midway of your long journey for any reason, someone may open your car dickey and steal.

Home Diversion Burglary

One burglar will approach occupant of a house as a stranger and divert his attention. Meanwhile another burglar by hiding himself will enter the house and steal all valuables.

Someone will approach some house and request drinking water or permission to use toilet. Later he will escape with valuables.

Keep any unknown person outside the home. Let the door remain under lock.

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