Friday, October 3, 2014

Fire Prevention Measures Dos and Don’ts

·         Practice good housekeeping.
·         Empty all garbage dumps regularly
·         Combustible materials are to be stored properly only in required quantity.
·         Keep heat producing item and other materials away from each other
·         Keep emergency telephone numbers near telephone
·         Maintain firefighting equipment in working condition
·         Shout for assistance “Fire… Fire… Fire” in case of outbreak of fire. At the same time, try to extinguish it.
·         Activate the nearest fire alarm

·         Do not panic. Remain calm. Act wisely to put off fire.
·         Do not use lifts (elevators). Always use staircases.
·         Do not go to the site of fire to pick up your belongings until you are permitted to do so or until you realise and the expert fire brigades confirm that there is no further danger.

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