Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Types of skin

Generally there are five types of skin
Normal skin:
  • This type of skin looks healthy as there is a right balance between oil and moisture content. The normal skin appears smooth, clear and toned, without spots or blemishes and reflects good health.
Oily skin:
  • This type of skin appears greasy. Dirt and dust gets attracted by the excessive oil on the skin leading to black heads, white heads, pimples and spots.
Dry skin:
  • This type of skin appears parched and flaky due to a lack of moisture caused by inadequate secretions of the Sebaceous Glands.
Combination skin:
  • This type of skin appears dry at the cheeks and areas around the mouth and eyes and appears oily at the central panel (forehead, nose and chin). Hence, it is known as combination skin.
Sensitive skin:
  • This type of skin has a fine texture and is sensitive to climatic changes and chemical ingredients present in perfumes, dyes and other cosmetic products.
What type of skin is yours?
  • As you wake up in the morning check for the grease/oil on your face. Wipe your face with a tissue.
  • If you observe oil on the tissue then your skin is the greasy type.
  • If you observe grease or oil only on the center panel or the T-zone (forehead, nose and chin), then it would be combination skin.
  • If you do not observe any grease/oil on the tissue, then it is either normal or dry skin.
  • Dry skin feels too tight, parched and stretched whereas a normal skin feels smooth, elastic and supple.

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