Saturday, March 31, 2012

Protect yourself from electric shock

Safety tips

• Use only electrical gadgets with ISI mark. Carry out all electrical works by certified electricians.
• Inspect electrical wiring regularly and renew deteriorated wiring.
• Hanging wet clothes on electric wires will prove fatal.

• Do not go near or touch the electric poles, stay wires, fencing etc., during rainy seasons.

• Do not use electric poles as support to tent, temporary shelter.

• Do not display advertisements on electric poles.

• Do not secure poultries or domestic animals to the electric poles or the stay wires.

• If any snapped electricity conductors are noticed, inform the nearest Electricity Board. Do not touch or go near them.

• Do not construct buildings near electric lines. Consult the Electricity Board officials before planning for the same.

• Watch your children while they are playing with kites near any electric overhead lines.

• Do not go near the fencing of electrical transformers or substations for nature’s call.

• Do not park vehicles near transformer structure or electric line and carry out loading and unloading of materials.

• Do not drive vehicles or carry ladders etc., which are of greater height beneath the electric lines.

• During Car Festival, for running cars of higher pitch, seek the help of Electricity Board officials for ensuring the safety of the public.

• Care should be taken while digging the ground for any work near underground electric cables.

• Electrification of fencing should not be done which can lead to loss of lives. Doing so is punishable with imprisonment.

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